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Ocracoke Shrimp and Mushroom Stroganoff

  • Clean and dry shrimp, sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika, toss to coat.
  • Use a pan with a lid.
  • Heat oil in pan, use enough to coat, over medium high

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Eastern%20nc%20fish%20stew%20debbie%20moose%20lores Apr 05, 2018

Eastern NC Fish Stew in the Slow Cooker

Lightly spray the bottom of the slow cooker with nonstick cooking spray. Layer half of the potatoes, then half of the onions, half of the garlic, half of the salt,

Smoked%20trout%20cheese%20spread Apr 05, 2018

Smoked Trout Cheese Spread

Put the cream cheese, mayonnaise, and smoked trout in the bowl of a food processor. Process until combined. Add the red onions, pepper, and capers, and pulse a few times

Greek%20baked%20sea%20trout Apr 05, 2018

Greek Baked Sea Trout

Place the tomatoes in a food processor and pulse to chop coarsely. Do not purée.

Heat 1/3 cup olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the

Carolina%20paella%20moose%20lores Apr 05, 2018

Carolina Paella

Heat the olive oil in a large, wide sauté pan over medium heat. Add the onions, tomatoes, and 1⁄4 teaspoon of the salt. Cook gently, stirring occasionally, for about 10

Spanish dancers%20by%20kevin%20mccabe Oct 08, 2017

Spanish Dancers

Combine the crabmeat with the next 12 ingredients in a large bowl. Carefully roll the fish fillets so the tail just overlaps the other end and forms a hollow ring.


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