Keithrhodesmarkwiens May 16, 2022

Soft-shell crab burgers + the best shrimp and grits

NC Catch team shows professional eater and Migrationology blogger Mark Wiens why our state is a continuous seafood festival during a seafood tour around Wilmington.

When it comes to finding

Saltboxseafoodjointfriedseafood Apr 14, 2022

5 tips for perfect fried seafood from a master chef

For the best fried fish or shrimp, Salt Box Seafood Joint chef Ricky Moore is adamant: “Let me debunk the myth that frying seafood is a big-time chore. It’s easy.”

Seaviewseafoodstew Apr 04, 2022

How climate change is affecting the seafood we eat

The impacts of climate change are affecting your access to local seafood and stressing coastal communities from the Outer Banks all the way south to the Cape Fear

Lenaritter Mar 31, 2022

The commercial fisher who saved Stump Sound oysters

If you love North Carolina's famous salty-sweet Stump Sound oysters, take a second to remember seventh-generation commercial fisher Lena Ritter, an inspiration who reminds us how much our voices

Ana Mar 03, 2022

3 women making a difference in the commercial fishing industry

Women's History Month: Meet the women harvesting some of North Carolina's best seafood and working to protect the state's seafood culture and coastal enviroment.

The commercial fishing industry

Bakeandshark Feb 09, 2022

Black History Month seafood specials at Saltbox Seafood Joint

NC Catch chef ambassador Ricky Moore of Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham celebrates Black History Month 2022  with seafood specials that tell important stories every Wednesday


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