Soft-shell crab burgers + the best shrimp and grits


NC Catch team shows professional eater and Migrationology blogger Mark Wiens why our state is a continuous seafood festival during a seafood tour around Wilmington.

When it comes to finding the best seafood, NC Catch chef ambassador Keith Rhodes knows where to go, as internationally celebrated food blogger Mark Wiens discovered when Wiens brought his "Migrationology" video web series to Wilmington, N.C.

Rhodes, who owns acclaimed seafood restaurant Catch in Wilmington, treated Wiens to a few seafood recipes including Rhodes' spin on shrimp and grits featuring Pamlico Sound shrimp, locally grown ginger and Chinese sherry. From there, Rhodes took Wiens to visit James Hargrove of Middle Sound Mariculture to learn how Hargrove raises oysters and how North Carolina has become known as the "Napa Valley of oysters. They also visited the crab shedding operation of Rhode's friend, Uncle Phil, to see how soft-shell blue crabs get to market. Of course, Rhodes demonstrated how to fry the crab for a soft-shell burger.

This incredible seafood tour also jump aboard NC Catch board member Ana Shellem's boat. Shellem is a commerical fisher who harvests wild clams, oysters, mussels and stone crab. After day of working the waters, Rhodes and Wiens landed at another seafood feast featuring local North Carolina seafood at Bento Box in Wilmington.

Watch Migrationology with Mark Wiens in Wilmington, N.C.

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