These 4 fish could help you stay healthy during flu season


Fish in season during winter in North Carolina are the very fish that could help you fight cold and flu viruses.

"Everyone already knows that vitamin C plays an important role in immune health, but new research suggests omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D may also have a significant impact in reducing the likelihood and severity of viruses like the flu and common cold. Furthermore, studies show that dietary consumption of these nutrients can help to maintain and improve immune function by combatting the associated inflammatory burden," Food Network reports.

Mackerel, sea bass and trout, all winter fisheries in North Carolina, are among fish that have the highest concentrations of omega-3s and vitamin D, making them powerhouses in the fight against viral infections, Food Network says. Tuna is another great choice. 

Pan-fry mackerel filets and serve them with fresh lemon wedges or alongside a zesty salad with vinaigrette dressing to balance the fish's rich flavor. Sea bass and trout are more mild in flavor and work in lots of recipes. Seared bass is an especially delicious taco filling. It also works in seafood stews. Try trout stuffed, seared or fried.

RECIPE: Ultimate Tacos: Seared bass with creamy guacamole

RECIPE: Greek Baked Sea Trout with tomatoes, garlic and olives

Food Network compared the omega-3 and vitamin D content in various fish. Read the full Food Network story.

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