These are the ultimate fish tacos


Birra tacos may be all the rage in 2021, but when striped bass and black sea bass are in season, we can't resist these tacos pack with fresh seared fish under creamy guacamole sauce.

Mild with a delicate flavor but slightly firm flesh, both striped bass and black sea bass are perfect for tacos, and this recipe could not be easier to make. Both fish are in season in fall and winter in North Carolina.

Fish fillets cut into chunks are quickly seared in a pan and then tucked inside warm soft corn or flour tortillas. Because striped bass and black sea bass hold their shape, the fish are a breeze to brown. Don't be afraid to get a heavy skillet nice and hot. The blend of butter and oil can take the heat and the fish cook quickly, allowing you to achieve those caramelly brown edges that taste so good in tacos.

This taco recipe is courtesy of Mariner's Menu, a collection of seafood recipes developed by N.C. professionals and home cooks who extensively tested each  recipe to insure it comes out right every time. 

RECIPE: Bass Tacos with Creamy Guacamole

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