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Five Reasons You Should Buy Local Seafood

Consider this: “A full 91% of seafood Americans eat comes from abroad,” writes author Paul Greenberg in his important new book American Catch, even though our local waters often teem

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Step-by-Step: How to Grill A Whole Fish

Why slap a whole fish on the grill? Because it tastes better: The skin protects the delicate flesh, the bones keep it juicy, and you can stuff the cavity with

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Soft-shell Crabs: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Tips, tricks, and recipes for making the most of a seasonal delicacy

If you’ve ever picked through the calcified shell of a blue crab in search of tender meat, you

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Locals Seafood Delivers Fresh Fish Direct From The Coast

By Elizabeth Wiegand
Edible Piedmont (Spring 2014)

Even if seafood found in our local markets is advertised as being from North Carolina waters, it may have gone on a long,

Fisherman Mar 24, 2014

Locking Horns With the Future: A New Generation of Fishermen

By Susan West
Photos by Daniel Pullen
Outer Banks Magazine (2014)

Though commercial fishing is an uncertain bet, a new generation of Hatteras watermen is willing to take the chance.

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Master the roux: Shrimp Etoufee

By Food Blogger Chula King

Shrimp Étouffée is Classic New Orleans at its best. It’s perfect for anytime with spicy shrimp cooked in a delicious


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