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Carteret Catch Urges Folks to Eat Local Seafood

The Carteret Catch program is working towards helping folks enjoy quality, local seafood on the Crystal Coast.

While more than 80 percent of our country’s seafood is imported, they say

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A Guidebook for Fishing Communities

The manual titled ‘Responding to Emergencies at Sea and to Communities Under Extreme Stress’, or RESCUES for short, consolidates a wealth of information to help prepare individuals, groups and entire

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NC Catch Board Member Hemilright Pays It Forward With Fish

Several commercial fishermen from the Outer Banks have been paying it forward this winter with donations of fish to a local food pantry. Buddy Coppersmith (F/V Emily Shay), Jimmy Taylor

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Annual Catch Summit Docks in Beaufort

From The Carteret County News-Times

Wild, locally caught seafood may become a niche market, or it may already be one. But whatever its future, seafood industry stakeholders and state officials

Z smith reynolds foundation Feb 29, 2016

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Awards $40,000 to NC Catch

Two-year grant to strengthen North Carolina’s seafood economy

Trustees of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation have awarded a grant to NC Catch to support the organization’s work of elevating North

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Scary News About Seafood: We're not eating enough

Here’s some scary news about seafood: Most of us are not eating nearly enough of it. A whopping 80 to 90 percent of Americans do not get the recommended minimum


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