White Point Take-Out: Crabs and shrimp from water to bun


From the News & Observer

By Josh Shaffer

Photos & Video by Robert Willett

ATLANTIC - To enjoy the soft crab sandwich at White Point Take-Out, you’ve got to follow U.S. 70 so far that it dead-ends in the Core Sound marsh – a spot so remote that egrets fish along the highway’s shoulder and boats outnumber cars.

The pilgrimage from Raleigh will consume an entire day, but the chance to eat a locally caught crustacean slathered in slaw, its deep-fried legs protruding from the bun, costing less than a fast-food sub, is worth a tank of gas.

Ten years ago, Cindy Styron opened White Point with her husband Charles, a third-generation fisherman who catches what peeler crabs and shrimp they serve. The fishing tradition runs historic-book deep on this thumb-shaped sliver of land, and while this generation of crabbers struggles against impostors from Indonesia, the Styrons deliver only the local swimmers.

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