Keeping it Moving: NC Seafood Transportation Logistics


The North Carolina seafood industry continues to be in a state of contraction, with a declining number of fishermen, packing facilities, and overall poundage of seafood available to marketers. The long-established supply chain to northern markets remains significant, but less availability of high-volume fisheries and a robust “local foods” movement in North Carolina has piqued interest in strengthening in-state and inland markets from east to west. This study examines how and to what extent seafood is currently being transported to in-state markets west of Interstate 95, and identifies challenges to and opportunities for improving the east-to-west supply chain. “Keep It Moving: NC Seafood Transportation Logistics With a Focus on East to West Routes” was conducted by Barbara Garrity-Blake and Megan Ware for The Center for Environmental Farming Systems, North Carolina State University and released September 2014.

Click Here to Read the Report: Keep it Moving East to West Seafood Distribution NC

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