Commercial fishermen named 'Small Business of the Year'


If ever there was an inspirational story about a group of young people who found success in North Carolina's commerical fishing industry, it's the founders of Seaview Crab Company, which has been named a Business North Carolina magazine Small Business of the year.

Nathan King, shown on the December 2022 cover of Business North Carolina, is one of three founders who started as crab potters who sold their catches from roadside stands.

King, and along with brother Sam and Joe Romano, were childhood friends who started crabbing while in college. Beginning with 50 crab pots, they sold their catch from the back of a pickup truck in Fayetteville, N.C., and ended up creating one of the state's best seafood markets. Along the way, they've increasingly become important voices in state's seafood industry by doing what they love. 

The men were pioneers in selling N.C. seafood online. Sam has served on the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission. Nate is an innovator on the NC Catch board. Seaview videos show us all how to cook and handle seafood. The market kitchen's creative specials and Sunday brunch prove the boundless ways seafood can be served. And Nathan, Sam and Joe still fish whenever they can.

The seafood business hasn't been an easy ride, with water pollution, imported seafood cutting prices and mounting state fishery regulations, but as Joe has said, “Each struggle has kind of got us more into it. We kind of reach a brick wall and we’re kind of, well, let’s innovate.”

Nathan gives readers a look inside the business in the Business North Carolina magazine article. Read the full story.

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