The NC Seafood Restaurant You’ll Return To Again And Again


From "Only In Your State"
April 06, 2019
by Robin Jarvis

Dining out and can’t decide where to go? It’s oh-so easy to just revisit an eatery where you’ve had a great experience that included delicious food and wonderful service. There are plenty of restaurants in North Carolina that fit that description to a tee. But when you’re feeling adventurous, it also helps to have an idea of new places to try out.

When you're feeling like taking a road trip or a getaway to the Outer Banks, head to Nags Head to Basnight's Lone Cedar Café. You won't be disappointed.

Basnight's Lone Cedar Café sits on a lone section of island, only steps to the water in any direction. It is the last little island before reaching the beach at Nags Head. The scenic drive alone is worth the trip, but once you see and taste the delicious seafood.

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