For Love of Surf and Seafood


Picture by Baxter Miller and Ryan Stancil

Craig Love, chef and owner of Surf House Oyster Bar and Surf Camp in Carolina Beach, has a passion for both surfing and cooking. Growing up in Virginia, Love would skip school and head to Virginia Beach to surf. Life then took him to Wilmington, NC where he continued to love surfing but also found another passion for cooking. Once he finished culinary school, he opened up Surf House in 1999 which was initially a cafe and a surf shop. After not doing so well with the surf shop, Love remodeled and opened his restaurant as a fine dining dinner establishment. His restaurant his mostly staffed by surfers, so you wouldn't be surprised to fine them catching a wave during their break. Love also hosts beach parties for his staff when the restaurant is closed. At these parties, you can find him cooking up a fine meal for everyone including steamed clams with roasted tomatoes and garlic and grilled shrimp with corn, chorizo and basil-lime butter along with fresh sides. Love has a "deep appreciation for the sea and all it provides."

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