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This seafood feast features historic N.C. fishing family recipes

Commercial fishing family recipes inspire North Carolina’s distinctive coastal cooking. Meet the hard-working families who carry on the state’s vital and historic commercial fishing culture while savoring a selection of

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Water pollution is hurting one of North Carolina's most historic fisheries

“Charcoal mullet is a thing of great pride” among coastal North Carolina cooks, archivist Connie Mason says. Fall’s first chill triggers a delicious, smoky scent along the coast. The aroma

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Resolve to be involved

Buying local isn't enough to ensure safe, sustainable seafood on your table. Speaking up for commercial fishing families is just as important. Here’s how.

"Seafood consumers, an untold subset of

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Commercial fishermen named 'Small Business of the Year'

If ever there was an inspirational story about a group of young people who found success in North Carolina's commerical fishing industry, it's the founders of Seaview Crab Company, which

Fritters seafood Nov 30, 2022

Happy National (seafood😉) Fritters Day

"No matter how tired we were at the end of the work day, enough energy always remained to fry up a batch of seafood fritters."

Seafood fritters are a traditional

Fishermanobx Nov 30, 2022

Young fishermen are struggling. Where will you get reliable seafood if they don't survive?

Too few young commercial fishers are coming in to replace the aging workforce. 

“It’s an industry that is truly dying.  There are so few people getting


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