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Keeping it Moving: NC Seafood Transportation Logistics

The North Carolina seafood industry continues to be in a state of contraction, with a declining number of fishermen, packing facilities, and overall poundage of seafood available to marketers. The

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Our Coast's Food: Fishermen's Favorites

by Liz Biro
Coastal Review Online

Flounder, grouper, snapper, mahi and tuna. Call them “The Fab Five Fins.” They’re the fish most people order at

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Blue Crabs' Secret

By Eleanor Spicer Rice
Our State Magazine

All along North Carolina’s coast, in small towns like Kill Devil Hills, Swan Quarter, and Englehard, blue crabs bubble peaceably

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Five Reasons You Should Buy Local Seafood

Consider this: “A full 91% of seafood Americans eat comes from abroad,” writes author Paul Greenberg in his important new book American Catch, even though our local waters often teem

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Step-by-Step: How to Grill A Whole Fish

Why slap a whole fish on the grill? Because it tastes better: The skin protects the delicate flesh, the bones keep it juicy, and you can stuff the cavity with

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Soft-shell Crabs: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Tips, tricks, and recipes for making the most of a seasonal delicacy

If you’ve ever picked through the calcified shell of a blue crab in search of tender meat, you


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