Gillnetcedarpointbeach Nov 15, 2022

How gill nets really work in North Carolina

Gillnetting takes a lot of undeserved heat in North Carolina.

Our state’s commercial fishers collaborate closely with scientists and fishery managers to make sure gillnets are fished responsibly. “Gillnets are

Spots Sep 21, 2022

The spots are running! A fall favorite fish

Two unofficial “holidays” will coax people away from their jobs on the North Carolina coast: the ACC college basketball tournament and the fall spot fishing season.

Word gets around quickly.

Harry bryant Aug 30, 2022

He salvaged metal and worked dusk to dawn to build a shrimp boat

"I always wanted a steady job. Something I could depend on. And that’s when I started the boat," Harry Bryant told journalist Melody Hunter-Pillion in the summer 2022 issue of

Shellem Aug 15, 2022

These people make decisions about your seafood

When it comes to harvesting local seafood in North Carolina, who can fish, where they can fish and when is decided by the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission, and

Img 1627 Aug 01, 2022

How to buy seafood at the supermarket

Three things are absolutely clear when it comes to seafood: Local, domestic and sustainable are best. But that doesn't mean you have to seek out a fish market on the

Ricky%20moore%20apron Jul 22, 2022

Using local seafood nets James Beard Award for North Carolina chef

Chef Ricky Moore's devotion to local seafood and traditional ways of cooking it has earned him the Oscar of the food world.

Moore doesn't cook fancy dishes at


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