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Charlotte Five

By Ben Jarrell

If you prefer your fish fresh and locally sourced, then there’s an Instagram account you need to follow. No, it doesn’t have bright, shiny photos of composed dishes. No tweezer-placed microgreens, dot plating or brush-stroked sauce designs for this one. It’s working chefs holding up their catch — head on, eyes looking at you.

But really, it’s Tim Griner’s catch. As owner of Charlotte Fish Company, he delivers line-caught, netted and even spearfished local seafood to Charlotte-area restaurants. And he gets them here fast. His deliveries make it from water to prep table in three days or fewer.

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, and as reported by the WWF, because of the complicated systems in place, “around 35% of harvested fish and seafood is either lost or wasted” during the supply routes attempting to circulate commercial catches.

But Griner aims to operate well below that average — providing high-quality seafood with zero waste.

After each fishing trip, Griner delivers his catch of mostly South Atlantic grouper to fill his list of standing orders from Charlotte-area restaurants.

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