Seafood Distributor Guaranteeing Local Seafood Traceability Found Fraudulent


Seafood lovers all over are willing to pay top dollar for fresh, local seafood. Is it local? Is it really the species they thing it is? And where did it really come from? This has been a long, on going battle in the seafood industry. Seafood Traceabilty is very difficult to prove once the product has left the boat. 

National Seafood Distributor Sea to Table claimed to be a game changer guaranteeing that their product was wild caught and domestic to the United States- even sometimes down to the boat it was caught on. The Associated Press has conducted an investigation proving them guilty of fraudulent claims of having a local caught product. Some of their product was found, after DNA testing, to be caught on the other side of the country and tuna, claiming to be domestic, caught on the other side of the world. Some of their product has even to be found to be farm raised and not wild caught as they claimed. This is a tragic to many people who believed and partnered with this distributor such as celebrity chefs, chain restaurants and home meal kit companies. 

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